Samsung’s Android app-signing key has leaked, is being used to sign malware

Ars Technica:

Guess what has happened! Łukasz Siewierski, a member of Google’s Android Security Team, has a post on the Android Partner Vulnerability Initiative (AVPI) issue tracker detailing leaked platform certificate keys that are actively being used to sign malware. The post is just a list of the keys, but running each one through APKMirror or Google’s VirusTotal site will put names to some of the compromised keys: Samsung, LG, and Mediatek are the heavy hitters on the list of leaked keys, along with some smaller OEMs like Revoview and Szroco, which makes Walmart’s Onn tablets.

These companies somehow had their signing keys leaked to outsiders, and now you can’t trust that apps that claim to be from these companies are really from them. To make matters worse, the “platform certificate keys” that they lost have some serious permissions.

I tend to not really focus on security issues, because more often than not they amount to baseless scaremongering for clicks (or worse, to scare people into buying antivirus software), but this one seems possibly serious enough to warrant attention. I’m just not entirely sure how bad this can actually turn out to be, and the vague statements from Samsung, Google, and other sure aren’t helping in cleaning up the confusion.


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