Google’s steps to comply with the EU’s DSA

Last year the European Union enacted a new set of regulations known as the Digital Services Act (DSA), designed to harmonize content regulations across the EU and create specific processes for online content moderation. The DSA applies to many different online services – from marketplaces and app stores to online video sharing platforms and search engines.

As a result, we have adapted many of our long-standing trust and safety processes and changed the operation of some of our services to comply with the DSA’s specific requirements. We look forward to continued engagement with the European Commission and other stakeholders, including technical and policy experts, as we progress this important work.

This blog post lists some of the steps Google is taking to comply with the DSA, which mostly come down to more transparency and giving researchers more access to how Google’s products work. It seems a tad on the vague and light side, so we’ll see if these steps are enough to bring Google in line.