Windows adds support for hearing aides with Bluetooth LE Audio

We’re excited to announce that Windows has taken a significant step forward in accessibility by supporting the use of hearing aids equipped with the latest Bluetooth® Low Energy Audio (LE Audio) technology. Customers who use these new hearing aids are now able to directly pair, stream audio, and take calls on their Windows PCs with LE Audio support.

This feature is available on Windows devices with our recently announced Bluetooth® LE Audio support, which will be a growing market of devices in the coming months. In upcoming flights, we will be introducing additional capabilities to the hearing aids experience on Windows, such as controlling audio presets directly within Windows settings. Stay tuned for more details about these new capabilities as they roll out.

Excellent news for people who manage their hearing problems with hearing aids. The fact it’s taken the industry this long to realise the potential of connecting hearing aides to computers and phones is surprising, but regulation and Bluetooth’s reputation probably played a role in that. Regardless, this is a great step by Microsoft, and I hope other platforms follow suit.