Google to require Android apps with generative “AI” to include flag and report function

As generative AI models become more widely available, you may be integrating them into your apps. In line with Google’s commitment to responsible AI practices, we want to help ensure AI-generated content is safe for people and that their feedback is incorporated. Early next year, we’ll be requiring developers to provide the ability to report or flag offensive AI-generated content without needing to exit the app. You should utilize these reports to inform content filtering and moderation in your apps – similar to the in-app reporting system required today under our User Generated Content policies.

I like that this will be a system-wide requirement, which will slowly make it a common sight on Android, and thus, something users expect and know how to work with. In the same blog post announcing this new generative “AI” policy, Google also announced tighter rules around certain broad application permissions, limiting full-screen notifications, and more/


  1. 2023-10-26 4:18 am
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