Flashback: how Symbian Anna tried to bring an old OS into the modern touchscreen world

Today we want to focus on what came next, Symbian Anna, which arrived a year after the launch of Symbian^3 (Symbian^2 launched only in Japan). Anna was unveiled in early 2011 alongside the Nokia X7 and Nokia E6. The E6 was a bar phone with a QWERTY keyboard (and a 2.45″ touch display), but the X7 was all touch (4.0″ display).

Even better, owners of certain older Nokias would receive Anna as an update, that was the case for the Nokia N8 and E7. The Nokia C7 and C6-01 got it too.

I have a few Symbian Anna and Belle (its successor) devices, and they’re not exactly great. The software is slow, cumbersome, clunky, and unpleasant to use, and simply no competition for the iPhone and Android, even at the time they came out. They’re fun novelties to play with now, but I genuinely feel sorry for the people who bought into these things back when they were new, thinking they’d get something on the level of the iPhone or Android.


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