Ayaneo Next Lite handheld announced with SteamOS Linux

inally we’re seeing another handheld vendor jump in with Linux. The AYANEO NEXT LITE was announced today and much like the Steam Deck, they plan to ship it with SteamOS! AYANEO are one of the top brands when it comes to PC handhelds, so it’s really interesting to see them be one of the first to jump in like this. If Linux is a success for them, no doubt they will do more and other vendors will follow along.

↫ Liam Dawe

It was inevitable for SteamOS to spread beyond just the Steam Deck, but an important note to make here is that Ayaneo is not working together with Valve. Instead, they’re using HoloIso, one of the community-maintained variants of SteamOS anyone can use and install. I’m a bit surprised by this, since moving SteamOS beyond just Valve products in an official capacity seems like a no-brainer for Valve; they’re not really in it for the hardware money, after all, and instead earn their money from Steam game sales.

I’m fairly convinced this isn’t the last time we’re seeing a non-Valve product with SteamOS, but I’d rather have Valve involved in the process before spending any money on one of these.


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