Redox secures more funding deals, gives UI small makeover, and more

Another month, another report from the Redox team. The Rust-based operating system saw another active month, including getting a whole bunch of new funding deals for specific features, such as adding UNIX-style signals to Redox, as well as the further development of Termion, a Redox project that is “a pure Rust, bindless library for low-level handling, manipulating and reading information about terminals”.

Furthermore, the default user interface Orbital got a small makeover with new colours and a new default wallpaper, and there’s the usual documentation and website improvements. More substantial are doubling the performance of RedoxFS by improving the speed of block reads and writes, and changes in how the xHCI drivers works to drastically reduce CPU usage. The PCI/PCIe and x86 VirtIO drivers has also been improved, and you can now do userspace debugging using the GNU Debugger from outside the VM.

There’s a lot more, so head on over to read the whole thing.

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