n[ui]x Development Libraries for MacOS X

“This project is an attempt to bring a Linux/Unix like development environment to the MacOS X platform. We believe that the Macintosh operating system has alot of potential and would like to help it reach it’s potential. These libraries are not only compiled for MacOS X but are provided in a convienent form as a MacOS X Distribution Installer Package. This unfortunately means that the package is only compatible with MacOS X 10.4 Tiger. The Installer Package contains the following (and more): Sandalous Software’s (partial) XML toolkit; Subversion 1.3.0; GTK+ 2.8; Glade-2; GNOME 2.12; Mono 1.1.14; and MonoDevelop 0.10.”


  1. 2006-04-09 7:10 am
    • 2006-04-09 9:20 pm