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IconAfter several months, we're very proud to finally bring you the result of the OSNews Alternative OS Contest. It took us a while to publish them all, but we are done now. Read on for the results.

We received many submissions and chose to publish 15 stories that fit the criteria. We've very proud of the results and may run another contest like this sometime again in the future. For now, here is a run down of the entries:

The Grand Prize
The winner of the grand prize, which includes a two year subscription to OSNews and an MP3 player is Kroc, whose August 24th GEOS article not only was a huge hit, it made the front page of

Honorable Mention
Honorable mention goes to Andrew Hudson, who brought us an excellent review of Plan 9 entited "Investigating the Plan 9 Operating System". Andrew also wins a two year subscription to OSNews.

Here's a review of the articles that met the qualifications and were posted:

Introduction to MINIX 3 by Andy Tanenbaum on 2006-09-25

AROS: Onboard the Last Train to Amiga Neverland by Dmitar Butrovski on 2006-09-13

Introduction to TUD:OS by Michael Voigt on 2006-09-12

The Slightly Strange World of RISC OS by Chris Wraight on 2006-09-11

FreeDOS 9 Review by Marti van Lin on 2006-09-07

A Look at Syllable 0.6.1 by Daniel W. Steinbrook on 2006-09-07

Another Quickie: ReactOS by Jeff Rollin on 2008-08-31

A Quickie: ReactOS on VMWare Player by Leroy on 2006-08-30

What Is QNX? by James Ingraham on 2006-07-24

OpenVMS - a System of Structure by Robert Gezelter on 2006-07-18

MorphOS: The Lightning OS by Fulvio Peruggi on 2006-07-17

A Developer's Insight Into DROPS by Steffan Liebersgeld on 2006-07-13

Review: Syllable 0.6.1 by Christopher Nelson on 2006-07-11

The Outsider's Tale: a RISC OS User's Apology by Gavin Wraith on 2006-07-05

The kaneton Microkernel Project by Julien Quintard on 2006-06-27

All of the above submitters will receive a 1 year subscription to OSNews. Thanks for your hard work!

Thanks again to our submitters and also to the many readers who left great comments and inspired discussion about the above stories.

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