Vector Linux Releases Version 3.0

We are proud to release the 3.0 incarnation of Vector Linux. This is a big rewrite as we made the decision to go completely Slackware compatible and also LSB compliant. This gives us the ability to update as Slack does and keep up with security fixes and other vunerabilities on a more timely basis.” Read more for the rest of the announcement. This still looks and feels like Vector Linux but the base is all Slackware and includes all of slackwares configuration tools like ‘pkgtool’ so you slackers or ex-slackers should feel right at home.

All the things that make VL unigue are still there and the size only grew about 20 megs from last release of 2.5. We think that tying into Slackware will make us a stronger distribution in the future as we can spend more time on configuration and installation tools and not have to spend as much time with the base system software and libraries.

So lots of new stuff has been incorporated in this release including a graphical package installer, vecpkg and a debian apt clone called ‘autopkg’. Autopkg works the same as apt-get and will keep your system updated with the lastest in slaclware based packages with a simple autopkg –upgrade command. Checkinstall has been added to facilitate building software from source and producing your own slackware tgz packages and keeping a record of the install for easy deletion if neccesary. The installation has been improved and adds timezone configuration and new options to using the lilo bootloader. The kernel was updated to 2.4.19 and pcmcia is based on the kernel version versus the standard package which some 32 bit pcmcia cards had trouble with. All the software has been updated to there latest versions and gaim, dillo, cdrtools, xcdroast, bluefish and a great game lbreakout2 have been added to the mix. As with previous versions we are offering pentium and 386 versions with a
choice of XFree-4.2.x or XFree-3.3.6 depending on your hardware needs. You can buy the premium CD from our online CD store for $19.97 or the basic distro componants are downloadable from the ftp site minus the extra software included with the CD. So have at it my friends I think this is the best VL yet with lots more to come.”


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