MorphOS 2.2 Released, No Word Yet on Mac Mini Port

The MorphOS development team is proud to announce the public release of MorphOS 2.2, a free update for users of MorphOS 2.1 and 2.0. In addition to numerous bug fixes, MorphOS 2.2 includes additional optimizations and new features such as Kryptos, a disk encryption suite.

MorphOS 2.2 continues the trend set by 2.1 by coming with a whole boatload of bug fixes all across the system. The biggest new feature, however, is the disk encryption suite Kryptos. With Kryptos you can encrypt file systems on-the-fly, using AES-256, Serpent, or Twofish, and is compatible with TrueCrypt. It supports FFS, SFS, FAT, and Ext2. NTFS support is also included, but only in read-only form. Kryptos has a MUI-based graphical user interface.

Speaking of MUI, a lot of work has gone into fixing MUI bugs, according to the release notes. In addition to bug fixes, translations into Polish and Finnish have been added. Video handling has also been improved, with MorhpOS better managing video memory and low-video-memory situations.

For an overview of the included changes, check the release notes. A description of the hardware requirements and installation procedures can be found here. MorphOS 2.2 is available for download at its website’s files section.

Sadly, there’s no word yet on the already infamous MorphOS version that runs on Apple’s PowerPC Mac Minis. Let’s hope this gets released sooner rather than later, so that we can pick up a Mac Mini for cheap, and run MorphOS 2 on it.


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