Windows Azure CTP January 2009 Released

At the 2008 Professional Developer Conference, Microsoft unveiled its cloud operating system, Windows Azure. Azure is the operating system that acts as the development, service hosting, and service management environment for the Azure Services Platform. This platform aids developers in publishing services and applications on the internet. Microsoft has released the latest CTP for Azure.

This latest Community Technology Preview updates the Windows Azure SDK and the Windows Azure tools for Visual Studio. The CTP brings several improvements:

  • The Windows Azure SDK offers improved support for the integration of development storage with Visual Studio, including enhanced performance.
  • For each Windows Azure SDK sample that accesses the development storage Table Storage service, a database name is now defined within the associated Visual Studio project. When the sample service is started from Visual Studio, the named database is created and the development storage Table Storage service is configured to use this database for the running service.
  • The StorageClient sample includes the following improvements.
  • The ASP.Net Providers sample now supports a search syntax similar to the ASP.Net SQL-based providers.

You can grab the latest CTP from Microsoft’s download centre: Windows Azure Software Development Kit and Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio.


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