Digital Switchover to Be Delayed?

In an editorial previously on OSNews, there was some amount of detail about the upcoming US digital television switch, coming (now somewhat tentatively) on February 17th. Apparently, some 21 million Americans are still waiting for the $40 coupons the government promised but could eventually not deliver seeing as how the well went dry. These millions of Americans, assumed to not have gone out and bought a digital converter despite being coupon-less, will now be at a loss of “news, information, and emergency alerts” come the official switcheroo (but we all secretly know they mean “soaps, game shows, and sitcoms”). For this reason, some of those political fellows are vying to delay the transition to June 12th; a good idea, or will this just cause more confusion and problems with the already fuzzy topic? A great deal of money has been spent on telling the public “January 17th, 2009, folks!” for years now. Is it really worth it to delay?


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