Gtk+, Cuba, Haiku, and Panic!

It was a fun week for OSNews, with many interesting debates on polarising subjects such as the global menubar in GNOME, Chrome using Gtk+ on Linux, and Cuba moving to Linux. We also took a look at Haiku, talked to Nicki Clyne and the CEO of Lunascape, and reported on a few releases of small operating systems. This week’s My Take is about the economic crisis.

Week in Review

The week started with a small win for Psystar in its legal tussle with Apple, while the judge in the case also hinted at what would happen if Psystar were to win: everyone would be able to install and sell Mac OS X in an OEM-like fashion. On a related legal note, Mozilla joined the EU in its fight against Internet Explorer.

We took a look at where Haiku stands, and we were pretty much impressed. The installation routine leaves a lot to be desired, but the operating system itself is stable, fun to use, and so are its applications. Haiku is very close to going alpha, and seeing where it currently stands, it’s going to be a solid release.

Personally, my best moment of the OSNews week was the interview I did with Nicky Clyne, the actress who portrays Cally Henderson in Battlestar Galactica. It was a very fun interview, and provides some very interesting insights into the series itself, her role as Cally, but also into the actual person Nicki Clyne.

We’re in the second half of the week when Cuba announced it would move away from Microsoft in favour of Linux. Later that day Moonlight 1.0 gets released, allowing Linux users to use Silverlight on their Linux machines. We also ran an interview with the CEO of Lunascape, the browser that allows you to switch between Trident, Gecko, and Webkit.

Apple finally broke the silence with regards to its position on iPhone jailbreaking: they claim it’s illegal. A few details regarding Snow Leopard also find their way onto the internet, with a few small but welcome feature additions.

This week also say the release of a few small operating systems, HelenOS 0.4.0, and Whitix 0.2a. We also debated the global menubar for GNOME, as well Google choosing Gtk+ for the Linux version of Chrome.

My Take: PANIC!!!!!!!!!!!

The political subject du jour in many countries is the economic crisis. Supposedly, we’re all going to die, it’s the worst crisis since the second world war, all banks will topple, society will collapse, and in a few years we’ll all be paying with bottle caps while hunting ghouls and super mutants (in a disturbing way, that prospect kind of excites me).

On a very personal note – I have yet to experience any of the downsides politicians have been mentioning. I’m sure the crisis is real, don’t get me wrong, it’s just that I personally haven’t felt any of its effects. When I look around me – family, relatives, friends, my hometown – I don’t see any of the effects either. However, I do realise that I live in a very wealthy country, in a wealthy town, and even though we’re not “rich” by my society’s definition, my family isn’t exactly poor either. In other words, it might very well be that due to my environment, this whole crisis simply hasn’t grabbed hold of us yet.

So, I have a request for you, dear and loving reader. I am very curious as in what way the crisis affects you. Are you spending less? Has your income suffered? Do you need to be more careful with money? Have you postponed expenses? I’m also interested in finding out your thoughts on the current economic situation, how we could solve it, how far it will really go, and how many people it will eventually affect.

A major part will be the blame game. Where does the crisis come from? Who’s to blame? I’m sure many people will point fingers towards the United States, but I personally think that’s a little short-sighted. The fact of the matter is that we Europeans benefited just as much from the shady practices in the US financial world as the US itself did (in the short term). It’s not like European banks are the shining beacons of civility, decency, and responsibility. Our European governments also knew this was coming, but they did little to stop it.

So, what are your thoughts? Does it affect you, and if so, how?


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