Zenwalk 6.0 Released

The official release of Zenwalk 6.0, based off of Slackware, was recently posted at the Zenwalk website, detailing the vastest of all changelogs in the entire history of the project including an upgrade to the latest and greatest Xfce release and an updated kernel.Of the most notable features, the new version includes Xfce 4.6, which the developers spent the previous two months working around and integrating into the system for a seamless, smooth experience. Also, Gnome Office was dropped for a new, optimized Openoffice 3.0.1, which is a lightweight version that was tailored to fit Zenwalk. It’s actually split into two different packages; the default package includes Writer, Calc, Impress, and Draw, and the additional package, downloadable via Zenwalk’s package manager, brings Math, Database, and Java support. The system’s movie player, Mplayer, was also replaced with a new application called Totem.

Hyperion (also known as Jean-Philippe Guillemin) summarizes the most important changes in the OS:

– Kernel with gspca, which supports many more webcams
– Wicd becomes the main network configuration tool
– New Zenpanel with integrated Disk Manager, Wifi and Wired Network Manager
– Gksu keyring based desktop granting system
– Faster boot (tuned init scripts, with realtime I/O scheduler)
– PAM authentication has been added to the system
– Improved suspend/hibernate, with XFCE Power Manager
– new Netpkg with orphan dependencies and “offline operation” support
– The powerful Exaile juke-box stream player has been added
– New artwork
– A simplified installer

The install supposedly takes about twenty minutes on modern hardware, but it should install and run well enough on anything equivalent or better than a system with a Pentium III processor and 128 MB of RAM, which are the minimum requirements. 256 MB or more RAM is recommended for the best experience.

Zenwalk 6.0 can be downloaded in either the Standard Edition, the Core Edition, or the Live Edition.


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