Apple, Apple, Curling

And the weeks just keep on coming, don’t they? Another one has passed, so it’s time for a Week in Review. This week wasn’t particularly eventful, and was mostly dominated by various newsbits about Apple, but none of them were particularly earth shattering. The usual suspects like netbooks and Windows 7 also showed their faces. My Take is about yet another icy sport.

Week in Review

Let’s start with all the Apple news. OSNews kicked the week off with an editorial on what, exactly, is at stake in the Apple vs. Psystar case, as well as a more philosophical look at the whole situation. The article was relatively popular, and while many people agreed with the sentiments put forth in the article, there was a vocal minority who didn’t.

Some other interesting Apple tidbits also came up this week, such as news that the QuickTime player shipped with Apple’s upcoming Snow Leopard operating system will sport a new interface that’s sure to raise some eyebrows: no window frame, and a titlebar that only appears on mouseover. Apple announced that it will reveal details on its upcoming iPhone OS 3.0, and we at OSNews discussed the possibility of an Apple netbook.

Speaking of netbooks, Microsoft is still vague on the whole issue of a possible Windows 7 SKU specifically for netbooks. ARM’s foray into the netbook market leaves analysts divided, with some of them stating that ARM is going to conquer more than half of the market, while another thinks that the lack of Windows is going to hinder ARM adoption.

Speaking of Windows and ARM, the OLPC team has announced a switch to the ARM architecture for its upcoming OLPC laptop, and has asked Microsoft to port Windows over to ARM. The OLPC team is convinced Microsoft will comply, but others aren’t as confident.

This week we also learned that Google and Opera are not satisfied with the IE8 “power switch” in Windows 7, and that Linux Foudnation’s Jim Zemlin thinks OEMs are approaching Linux on netbooks in the wrong way. And to end this week on a funny note, El Reg published a flowchart that can help you in finding out what kind of laptop you actually have.

My Take: Curling!

This week’s My Take is more a sort of public service announcement. Last week, we discussed speed skating and how it is such an awesome sport that everyone should watch. This week, we focus on another icy sport, this one even less popular: curling, probably the world’s most ridiculed past time.

Curling is a very old tactical sport, in which it is the goal to throw as many stones closer to the center of the circle than your opponent’s closest stone. An incredible amount of skill and tactical thinking is involved, and even though it may look boring at first sight, as soon as you know the rules of the game the penny drops. You start seeing the tactics behind the throws, the importance of guard stones, how important it is to put the hammer to its best use, the difference the brooming can make, and so on.

Coming Saturday, the World Women’s Curling Championships will begin, and they will last for a week. You can try and see if any of your sports channels covers the event (Eurosport covers it in Europe), because trust me, once you’re in, you’re hooked. The Canadian team is the one to beat (as always), and I’m personally rooting for Scotland.


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