Google CEO on Android on Netbooks

It’s a bit of a mobile day on OSNews today, with news about Cinder and Symbian. Next up is Google’s Android. While Android is designed for smartphones, there has been increasing chatter about netbook manufacturers using Android on netbooks. Google has always remained fairly mum on the possibility of Android on netbooks, but during yesterday’s earnings call, Google CEO Eric Schmidt talked about this subject.

Google is very positive about Android for this year. “Overall, it looks like Android is going to have a very, very strong year,” Schmidt said during the earnings call, “We are already aware of many, many uses of Android, which as you know is open source, where literally the devices we hear about near the announcements, so the open source part of the strategy is working.”

The netbook side of Android is mostly taking part outside of Google. “On the netbook side, there are a number of people who have actually taken Android and ported it over to netbook or netbook-similar devices,” he said, “So we think that’s another one of the great benefits of the open source model that we’ve used. We’re excited that that investment is occurring.”

Schmidt added that more announcements regarding Android and hardware are forthcoming.


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