AT&T To Price-Gouge iPhone Users with Surcharges?

InfoWorld’s Bill Snyder questions whether AT&T’s jockeying on tethering and MMS may signal iPhone pricing surcharges to come. After all, as Apple’s exclusive U.S. partner, Ma Bell should have plenty of insight into upcoming iPhone features and revenue opportunities. Yet AT&T was very conspicuous in its absence from the list of providers who will support tethering and MMS at Tuesday’s launch of the new iPhone at WWDC, and by Wednesday, it was backpedaling furiously, saying it will offer both services — later in the year. Certainly, the exclusive arrangement between the companies is proving to be an ugly roadblock to Apple’s iPhone vision. But Snyder thinks it may go deeper than that: “My best guess is that we’ll see horrendous pricing surcharges for tethering and MMS, on top of the already expensive data and voice charges iPhone users pay. I don’t think AT&T execs wanted to stand up at WWDC and announce that.”


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