One Percent of the World’s Internet Users Now Using OpenDNS

OpenDNS today announced that its users now represent a full one percent of all 1.67 billion global Internet users online today. The total OpenDNS user count has now surpassed 18 million, according to leading analytics firm Quantcast, doubling in just 12 months. “We see this milestone as incredibly significant, and a true testament to both the unmatched quality of the OpenDNS service and the world’s demand for a better DNS service,” said OpenDNS Founder and CEO David Ulevitch, “One percent of all of the world’s Internet users is a momentous achievement and our growth rate indicates that number will climb at an even more rapid pace going forward.”


  1. 2010-03-23 9:14 pm
  2. 2010-03-28 10:41 am