Microsoft Promotes Code Obfuscation for Windows Phone 7 Devs

Dismayed Windows App developers needed some assurances from Microsoft after news of the following incident got round. They got it.

“An enterprising coder by the name of Chris Walsh has fleshed out some hooks into unmanaged (read: native) Windows Phone 7 services,” Engadget reports, “It’s not what we’d call a ‘jailbreak’ – you’re not altering the security settings of the device in any way – you’re just taking advantage of undocumented services Microsoft has in place, though it’s still very cool.”

This doesn’t seem to be a new problem either. “We suspect most developers have gathered this since MIX earlier this year – many of them have been dealing with variations of the problem since the genesis of Microsoft’s .NET Framework – but we thought we’d throw out a note that word’s getting around on how easy it is to tear apart applications downloaded from the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace,” Engadget adds.

But Microsoft has come to the rescue with Runtime Intelligence for Windows Phone, which it now openly promotes to Windows Phone 7 developer at the Windows Team Blog.
“Microsoft and Pre-emptive Solutions have partnered to provide Runtime Intelligence for Windows Phone – FREE development tools and a managed service to monitor and protect Windows Phone 7 applications,” the blog details, “Application monitoring and analytics, number of application sessions, number of unique users, feature usage counts and duration, general system and stability statistics, application protection.”

And, here it comes:

“A commercial-grade SKU of Dotfuscator specifically targeting Windows Phone 7 including patented renaming, control flow, string encryption, and metadata removal obfuscation transforms.”

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