News Round Up of the Week

I would like to thank osnews user fran for submitting this as-is; a quick round up of other news happenings this week that OSNews missed. Read More for “Red Hat’s ‘Obfuscated’ Kernel Source”, “LibreOffice Enterprise Support From Novell”, “Microsoft Want You to Stop Using IE6”, “Facebook Can Screw With Google, But Google Can’t Screw With Facebook” and lastly “Thom Has Three PS3s, Whereas You, Conversely, Have None”.

Red Hat’s “Obfuscated” Kernel Source

A bit of controversy in the Linux community. Red Hat has decided to make some policy changes in the way it distribute RHEL updates. The issue is regarding their decision to ship patches of RHEL pre-applied without details of those patches explicitly listed. Some sites are debating whether Red Hat will be violating GPL with this decision.

Red Hats’s CTO has responded in a blog post with a “Commitment to Open” and with the reasoning behind this decision, which can be summed up as a survivalist move in the face of increased competition from other companies.

LibreOffice Enterprise Support From Novell

Novel has released a commercially supported version of Libre Office. Headlining the overview page read “LibreOffice is the successor to Novell Edition”. Novel is, on the face of it, thus dropping Open Office in favour of Libre Office.

The company claims 50-60 percent saving over a three year period compared to some other products and pricing lists as starting at US$120 per device per year for enterprise class support.

One puzzling detail (from their system prerequisites) is that this product does not include the option of running LibreOffice on Linux. The system requirements only include Windows as the requisite operating system.

Microsoft Want You to Stop Using IE6

Microsoft has released an Internet explorer 6 countdown site in an attempt to persuade IE6 users to upgrade. Usage of IE6 is still at a high 12% and the company is pushing towards lowering this to below 1%. This site, called list some interesting statistics. In China for instance IE6 still has a huge usage percentage of 34.5%.

Kroc: Whilst Microsoft’s heart may be in the right place, their mind isn’t. They recommend IE6 users upgrade to the latest IE, but IE9 is not available on XP… so they are saying that IE6 users should support a modern web by upgrading to IE8—a two year old browser, without HTML5 support and very soon to be obsoleted by IE9, not available to IE6 users. Great, just great. Nice going Microsoft. Why can’t you just come out and admit it: you are in a deep, deep hole and it is in the interest of your XP-using customers to switch away from IE.

Facebook Can Screw With Google, But Google Can’t Screw With Facebook

Google’s Adsense adverts are no longer allowed on Facebook. As of the end of February Adsense has been taken off the list of allowed add providers. Adsense is one of Google’s biggest revenue streams and this decision will hurt it financially. The company however is not the only ones with
many developers crying foul over this decision.

Kroc: This isn’t about advertising, it’s about data. Facebook are paranoid that adsense ads will act as ‘tendrils’ into Facbook’s property, allowing Google to extract data from within the silo.

Thom Has Three PS3s, Whereas You, Conversely, Have None

Due to a legal dispute between LG and Sony, shipments of PS3’s via Netherland ports to Europe has been halted and existing shipments seized . LG filed for legal action against Sony in the Netherlands and a Dutch judge there granted a preliminary injunction against Sony. The case involves seven separate patent disputes. The most notably of which involve Blu-Ray.


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