Round two: Apple, Samsung suit up for another patent war

The Verge, summarising the first US patent lawsuit between Apple and Samsung:

Apple was awarded just over $1 billion in damages, though that figure was later cut down to $939.8 million after the judge pointed out errors in the way the jury did its math. Those damages were retried, and came in lower than the original figure, though the entire amount has since been appealed, and Samsung hasn’t paid a penny. Alongside that, Apple and Samsung failed to win bans against one another’s products in the US, making the first trial seem like nothing more than a legal spectacle.

Or, just call it what it is: an abject failure on both company’s sides, and a huge waste of money that could have gone to product development, higher salaries, or even shareholder returns. Two gigantic and hugely profitable companies using despicable weaponry – and all, for, nothing.

But in the midst of all that was a very real threat: another lawsuit, one that targeted more successful devices from both companies, and used easy-to-understand patents covering basic software features. Apple filed it against Samsung in February 2012, targeting 17 devices. Samsung responded in kind, and this week the pair go head to head once again; the outcome could be very different. Here’s what to expect over the next weeks and months as these two titans clash again in California’s courts.

So, prepare for another week of lawyers laughing all the way to the bank, while two companies with more money than they know what to do with waste precious time of the US justice system that could be spent elsewhere, and better.

Let the cheering contest continue. Which faceless corporation that cares none about you do you root for?


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