Next version of Google Glass aimed at the workplace

Google may soon offer a new version of its Google Glass wearable later this fall. A new report says that the company will keep the hype down on this release, as it plans to offer it to businesses working in healthcare, manufacturing, and energy.

Like I said over a year ago:

No, I think the real value of Glass lies in an entirely different area Google seems to have been ignoring so far. It’s a far less sexy area than the world of designer glasses and paragliders, but one that offers far, far more potential: ‘traditional’ workplaces. Construction. Road works. Law enforcement. The military. Farmers. Firefighters. Plumbers. Roofers. You name it. People who work with their hands in potentially dangerous environments, who can use the heads-up display for at-a-glance, crucial information while out in the field.

If I can come up with something, anybody can.


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