New Moto360 unveiled

There’s a technology conference going on – IFA – and there’s lots and lots of Android-related news. First, a lot of Android Wear smartwatches – including the brand new Moto 360.

If you were hoping for a radically different design from Motorola this year, you’re barking up the wrong tree. As we saw in the leaks, Motorola has kept the imperfect circle design from the original Moto 360 and added lugs on the top and bottom instead of hiding the strap connectors inside the casing itself. This change makes it significantly easier to swap out the strap with whatever you want, but also makes more room in the casing for things like a beefier battery. The single button on the side of the watch has moved to the 2 o’clock position, making it significantly easier to reach for and use. Curiously, this button now has the Motorola M emblazoned across it.

Other new Wear watches are the Huawei Watch and the Asus ZenWatch 2. There’s really not much to say here – they all have the exact same software as the current (or now ‘previous’, I guess) crop of Wear devices, so if you weren’t impressed then, you won’t be impressed now.

If you’re looking for something different, I suggest you read the next item I’m about to post.

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