Android Go review

Ars Technica takes a good look at Android Go, and concludes:

The best thing about Android Go is that it doesn’t force anything on users. If you’re like me and find Google Maps Go to be nearly useless, you are totally free to download the full version of Google Maps. Because of this, Android Go is never an “inferior” version of Android. In the current builds, at least, it’s purely a lighter, less resource-intensive version of Android. If you can’t stand the functionality reduction, you can easily fix it by downloading the full versions of apps.

However scattershot the overall package seems, Android Go does succeed in lowering the bar for what it takes to run Android. It’s certainly more useful than something like Firefox OS or Tizen. Hardware this is cheap still doesn’t result in a user experience I can call “good” though. If you can afford something better, spend the extra money.


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