Icaros Desktop 2.1 released

Icaros Desktop 2.1 might be named “the handlers release”, but also “the YouTube one”, since the best enhancement over the previous versions are the addition of new NTFS and EX-FAT filesystem handlers and the free, read-only version of GoogleDrive handler, a “driver” which allows to mount your Google Drive handler onto AROS as if it was a normal USB stick or a CD-ROM. But that’s not the only good news: we’ve talked bout YouTube because Deadwood did the miracle again, and we can now enjoy HTML5 video as well, playing your favourite contents from YouTube and other sites. But there have been lots of little/big additions, fixed and enhancements.

Icaros Desktop is a ‘distribution’ of AROS, the easiest (and cheapest, as in free) way to get a taste of an AmigaOS-like operating system on generic hardware.


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