Apple announces watchOS 4, new iPad Pro

We’ve already covered the most interesting announcements Apple made last night, so consider this item a grab bag of other things the company announced. First, a new iPad Pro with thinner bezels housing a 10.5″ display, 120Hz refresh rate, better pen tracking, and, of course, eventually it’ll get iOS 11 with a lot of iPad-specific improvements.

Apple also entered the market for speakers-you-can-talk-to with the HomePod, which is exactly what it sounds like: Siri in a can with a bunch of speakers. None of these products – the Echo, the Google Home, or this one – are available in The Netherlands, so I have no idea how useful they actually are. I don’t quite understand what a speaker which will be invariably worse than your hi-fi system has to offer over your smartphone and a ChromeCast or ChromeCast Audio, especially since you can’t take the can with you. Maybe I’m just not getting it.

Then there’s watchOS 4:

Apple has announced new features for watchOS 4, including major updates coming to Workouts, Activity, Music, all-new watch faces, and “GymKit,” which provides a seamless connection between Apple Watch and gym equipment.

Combined with yesterday’s items, this covers pretty much all of the stuff Apple announced last night. A lot of cool new features and products to look forward to for Apple users.


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