Valve says it’s working on Steam client UI update

Valve’s Alden Kroll was at Indigo 2017 to talk about Steam and the changes they’re working on. The talk covered the business side of Steam as well as some specific features available for game makers. The company wanted to meet developers face to face, answer questions, and hear feedback and suggestions as well.

The slides of the talk are available at the link (thanks to, and interestingly enough, the slides states Valve is working on a “overall UI refresh & update” of the Steam client – which I applaud greatly. I hope it’s more than just a new skin, and that they are actively going to address the performance issues and UI complexity – preferably by making the clients on the various platforms (Windows, Linux, macOS) feel like proper, native applications.

In addition, one of the slides also shows that Steam is still growing, with 33 million daily users, 67 million monthly users, and 26 million new purchases since January 2016 (so 1.5 million per month). Those are healthy statistics.


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