Google’s Fuchsia OS on the Pixelbook: it works!

So after the recent news that the Fuchsia team picked the Chrome OS-powered Google Pixelbook as a supported device, we jumped at the chance to get it up and running. And after a little elbow grease, it actually booted. Now, we’re not just running the system UI on top of Android like last time, we’re running Fuchsia directly on a piece of hardware!

This means it’s finally time for a deep dive on what Fuchsia looks like in early 2018. Our usual in-development OS testing caveats apply: Fuchsia only started development in 2016 and probably has several years of development time ahead of it. Everything can – and probably will – change between now and release (if a release ever even happens). Google won’t even officially acknowledge the OS exists – Fuchsia is a bunch of code sitting on

This is quite exciting, and I’m definitely jealous I can’t justify buying a Pixelbook just for this. Not that I could – as with everything Google, it’s not available here.


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