Sailfish OS 2.2.0 released

This update, nicknamed Mouhijoki, introduces a new simpler single item view in Gallery and Camera app, adds fingerprint unlock support and emoji keyboard layout. VPN and MDM have become more robust. Android Support has been updated for Xperia X and Jolla C devices. There are several improvements for Email app. Remorse timers can be swiped away to commit immediately. We have dropped continuous focus from Xperia X camera – the camera stays out of focus when it starts until you either tap or try to take a shot – but the pictures seem to be better focused now. Last but not least Sailfish X now officially supports the Xperia X dual SIM phone (F5122).

It’s only for early access subscribers for now, but assuming no gamebreaking issues are found, it should roll out to everyone else soon enough.


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