The second coming of No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is back in the number one position on Steam after yesterday’s successful launch of No Man’s Sky latest update, called “Next“, and a 50 percent off sale on the PC version of the game. It has also launched, for the very first time, on Xbox One. Amazon has it listed as the number one best-seller on the Xbox platform as of this morning.

It feels like a corner has been turned in the game’s story, both in terms of the game itself and the drama surrounding it.

I’ve been playing the new update, and it really does feel like a different, more complete game. Sad it had to take two years, but at the same time, props to the studio for sticking to it with regular substantial updates – instead of running away after the storm of incredibly nasty “criticism”. Sure, some of the criticism was deserved, but obviously not the nasty, harassing comments (and more!) the developers received.


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