Buying a Commodore Amiga 30 years later

A few months ago I watched “From Bedroom to Billions“, it triggered some serious nostalgia and a lot of memories came flooding back. So on a whim, I decided to see if I could pick-up an Amiga on eBay to replay some of those old games that I loved as a child.

It turns out it’s not too hard. There’s a thriving community that still uses and loves the Amiga. There’s also a fair number of people on eBay who refurbish and upgrade them with a 4GB memory card containing workbench and a bunch of software and games. This is very handy because, even if you did manage to buy the original games, there’s no guarantee they will work due to the magnetic platters getting mouldy or damaged over the last 30 years. Yes, that’s real life bit rot in action.

The market for older computers like these and associated modern expansion cards and add-ons to make using them a little less frustrating in modern times is actually a lot larger than most people seem to think, and anything from using SD cards as boot drives to things like ethernet and WiFi are often available as well. Even if you don’t purchase these computers, it’s still fun to browse sites like eBay to see what’s on offer.


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