V2 OS in Search of Project Members

Niklas Angebrand sent us information regarding the V2 Operating System, an OS written in assembly which was pretty popular 1-2 years ago. “V2_OS is a project which was started by the V2_Labs who wanted a superfast and scalable OS. They then designed a fully modular with its own superfast and supersmall filesystem. This OS got very popular and was soon released under the GPL, and it was even on SlashDot, twice. Now it has come to the point where the old design can no longer be developed further, as it sets many (ridiculous) limits. The new kernel, 0.70, needs coders, and people that know of OS designs. Its goals of design is maximum speed without limits and the tiniest size possible. These design goals are important, but the most iomportant element is the modularity. V2_OS needs you! V2_OS wants you!”


  1. 2001-11-25 5:06 am
  2. 2001-11-25 3:02 pm