New NSS for FreeBSD; DHCP for FreeBSD

J. Vidrine says he is about to commit a new name service switch (NSS) implementation for FreeBSD. This will enable applications such as authenticating with an LDAP server. The new implementation preserves the nsdis.patch(3) interface, and consumers of nsdispatch continue to work without modification. In addition to NSS core, he is also committing completely new implementations of the getpwent(3) and getgrent(3) family of functions. Also see these articles and documentation and Luke Mewburn’s notes on nsswitch for FreeBSD for more details.

On another FreeBSD-related article, check this one over at OnLamp: “Introducing DHCP for FreeBSD“.


  1. 2003-04-18 8:40 pm
  2. 2003-04-19 12:29 am