AMD Opteron on the Attack; SuSE and Mandrake 64-bit Releases

TomsHardware has an extensive benchmark of the AMD Opteron system, Extremetech has a long analysis of the CPU itself, while NewsForge reviews SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 8.0 on AMD Opteron hardware. Read more for the Mandrake press release about their 64-bit version of Linux for the Opteron.

MandrakeSoft, a worldwide Linux technology leader, today announced the immediate availability of Mandrake Linux Corporate Server 2.1 for the newly released AMD OpteronTM processor. Mandrake Linux Corporate Server is one of the first business-class operating systems available for the new AMD64 architecture.

Designed to benefit from the power of this new 64-bit processor, the Mandrake Corporate Server 2.1 for the AMD Opteron processor is aimed at businesses that require high-performance systems for intensive computing applications, especially in the field of critical server functions such as web-servers, database deployment (with MySQL-64), and application & file servers.

The Mandrake Linux Corporate server also offers the tools needed to create a full-featured enterprise network, complete with the latest up-to-date software and security updates, and of course MandrakeSoft’s legendary “user friendly” touch.

In addition, the Mandrake Corporate Server 2.1 for the AMD Opteron processor is a flexible solution that simplifies migration from the
32-bit world to the 64-bit world as it allows users to run both 32- and 64-bit Linux applications

“The Mandrake Corporate Server 2.1 for the AMD Opteron processor is the result of an intensive
one-year collaboration with AMD to deliver a comprehensive, full-featured and powerful Linux operating system for this exciting new
platform. Sold with an extended support offering, the Mandrake Corporate Server 2.1 will meet the strong demand for high-availability servers running on this new generation of AMD64 technology,? said Jacques Le Marois, President of MandrakeSoft.

When compared to the same product running on a traditional 32-bit architecture, the Corporate Server 2.1 for AMD Opteron processors can offer an average performance gain of 25% as a result of AMD64 architecture.

The AMD 64-bit architecture will allow customers to optimize 32- or 64-bit application performance using the 64-bit Mandrake Linux operating system. AMD Opteron processor-based servers and Mandrake Linux can be used to power compute-intensive environments including enterprise database, Web server and rendering,? said Rich Heye, vice president and general manager of AMD?s Microprocessor Business Unit.

The Corporate Server 2.1 for the AMD Opteron processor has undergone an extensive 12-month development cycle to ensure unprecedented product stability and quality, as well as facilitating the certification process of enterprise-class applications.

The Mandrake Linux Corporate Server is sold under a subscription basis which includes the product, support and direct access to software updates. Two support options are available: the “Standard” option ($749 USD) is valid for five incidents within a one-year period, and the “Unlimited” option ($1499 USD) is valid for unlimited incidents during a one-year period. This product is also available for OEMs.

The Mandrake Corporate Server 2.1 for the AMD Opteron processor is now available for purchase at


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