Syllable 0.4.4 Announced for Next Week Release

From Kristian Van Der Vliet, project leader of Syllable: “We are currently checking everything into CVS in preperation for Syllable 0.4.4, which is now scheduled to be released next weekend.”

” (Release: 31st May/1st June) The features in Syllable 0.4.4 will include:


* ATA/ATAPI driver
* ISO-9660 filesystem driver
* SiS 3xx Video Driver
* Via VT82xx Audio Driver
* Soundblaster Audigy/Live! Audio Driver


* Support for dead keys added to appserver and TextView class
* Support for shearing/rotation of fonts
* Ability to turn on/off antialiasing
* Video Overlays (An MPlayer 0.9.0 package shall be available)

Syllable 0.4.4 will be distributed as a bootable CD image.

The downloadable CD image will include a bootable Syllable installation
system, the Syllable 0.4.4 base tarball, bootable disk images, documentation and the Syllable-Net packages (ABrowse, Whisper and Chat). Everything else (Extra packages, source etc.) can be downloaded from as usual.

I will also be selling Syllable CD’s. They will be the same as the
downloadable image, but will also include the upgrade tarball, all of the
available packages and a full CVS snapshot. If you cannot download all of Syllable, or if you want to support development, then CD’s will be available for 5 UKP (7.5 USD, 7 EUR)

I can accept cash in UKP, USD or EUR. If there is enough demand then I shall setup a PayPal account to allow CC/Debit/PayPal payments, too.

If you wish, you can pre-order a CD now by emailing me your name, address and how many CD’s you would like (Oh O.K, I’m being hopeful here!) to [email protected] Once 0.4.4 is available I shall put my address on to allow you to make payment.

I would like to say a big thankyou to everyone who has helped with the
development of Syllable and 0.4.4. In particular I would like to thank Arno for his drivers and patches to the ATA driver, and Ville for his work in porting the ISO-9660 filesystem, and also being a very fast and dedicated debuger over the past few weeks! As always, Henrik, Rick, Shawn and Pablo also all deserve thanks for their continued work and support. Thanks guys!



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