SuSE Linux Receives EAL3 Certification

The SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 8 has recieved EAL3 Certification. This is a step up from their previous accomplishment of EAL2, which they received (in association with IBM) with their product.That originally made them the first Linux distro to be CC-Certified, beating out Red Hat (which is by far the more common distro).

But now, SuSE has raised the bars and become EAL3 certified, once again in tandum with IBM. Even though IBM is partners with both Red Hat and SuSE, it seems to be going in favor of SuSE. Once again, it seems that SuSE has beaten Red Hat in terms of becoming certified.

Best part is, now that SuSE is EAL3 certified, it can be seen by the US Gov’t and other like-minded consumers as a viable option. Red Hat is still awaiting EAL2 Certification.

See Suse’s press release here.


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