Porting Over from Win32 and Using Assemblies & Namespaces in .NET

Microsoft .NET provides several ways to think of your code as more than just a bunch of disconnected lines. As a Visual Basic programmer, you’re already familiar with the concept of a class, a section of code that defines an object and its behavior. As you’ll see in this document, you can use Visual Basic .NET to create both assemblies and namespaces. You’ll need to understand both of these concepts to be a productive Visual Basic .NET developer.” Read the rest of the article at MSDN. “Reduce your reliance on Win32 API calls by learning about specific and useful classes in the Microsoft .NET Framework; each class discussed here replaces one or more Win32 API calls you might have had to make in Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 to accomplish the same goals.” Read the rest of the article at MSDN.


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