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DragonFlyBSD: Scheduler Revision Plans

As seen on "In response to a question raised on the dragonfly-kernel mailing-list, Matt Dillon gives an overview of plans to revise the DragonFly userland scheduler, the second of two schedulers that Dragonfly currently utilizes in a layered fashion. Matt explains, 'There are actually two schedulers.. there's the LWKT scheduler, which is as close to perfect as its possible to be, and there is the userland scheduler, which is the one that needs work.'"

MirBSD #8-beta-20041016 Released

MirOS BSD originated as a patch set against OpenBSD-current, a 4.4BSD-derived ultra secure operating system. This release includes bugfixes and enhancements for many system components, including libc,, ntpd, make, and others. There is support for PowerNow on AMD Athlon / Athlon XP systems. libexpat is in the base system now. gcc support for C++ and other languages is still missing.

Peter Mitchell Sets Up XDarwin 4.4 with KDE

Australian Peter Mitchell has written up a description of his efforts to use XDarwin in combination with KDE. In his article, he describes the command line installation steps for running GNOME and KDE using XDarwin as the windowing layer. He describes both the challenges he faced and some suggestions as to the best order in which to install the various components necessary to run GNOME and KDE environments on Mac OS X. Also, the XDarwin project is to switch from XFree86 to

Two Technical BSD Books Reviewed

I manage computers running BSD variants every day, at work and at home. After many man page and RTFM iterations to support vital administrative aspects, a desire grew to understand what lay beneath my level of expertise. As eager as I was, I found the prospect of simply plunging into a lengthy code review unappealing.

Differentiating Among BSD Distros

Organizations that want to use a public Unix variant have two solutions from which to chose: Linux and BSD. The much talked about Linux camp contains a variety of distributions that include different utilities and tool sets. The same is true of the less frequently covered BSD camp. This article compares and contrasts the four main BSD variants and offers recommendations for both server/desktop solutions.