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TheRegister in Search of Echelon

"The European Parliament published its report into the Echelon spying system last week in which it concluded it did exist, was against the law and that the UK had a lot of explaining to do. We've sifted through about 100 of the 194 pages and decided that since no one had yet to officially admit its existence, you may be interested in how the European Parliament decided it was definitely out there." Read the rest of the scoop at TheRegister.

First Enterprise Promo Pictures

First official shots released from the new upcoming Star Trek TV series (which will be airing in September 26 from UPN in USA), named 'Enterprise'. For all the trekkies out here, the new Enterprise series will be set around 2150, 150 years before the era of Kirk and Spock and it will feature the first contact with Klingons (which it will be disasterous, resulting in 200 years of hostility) and other species and places that later in time Star Trek series are taking for granted. The series is also set before the creation of the Federation (but rumors want it to be the final aiming/outcome of the series), but the Starfleet Academy already exists and run by Vulcans and humans. The computer panels in the new series are not exersizing the well-known LCARS Computer System, but they are a bunch of "old"-styled buttons coupled with some small LCD screens at places, resembling mostly mechanical parts than being fully digitized.