Morphos Archive

3D Acceleration on MorphOS Tested

The german site dedicated to Linux on PPC systems PPCNUX has benchmarked the 3D drivers available for MorphOS using the three generations of the famous FPS Quake, in order to test the quality of indipendently developed drivers on a non-mainstream OS running on non-mainstream PPC hardware. You can find the english version of the article here.

Genesi Unveils First Specs of Its PPC G5 Motherboard

PPCNux (German) as well as Pegasos-Forum (German) report about new information about Genesi's new G5 based mainboard. The mainboard which will feature the PowerPC 970MP CPU will have the new microBTX format (26.4x26.7cm/10.4"x10.5"). As system controller IBM's 945 northbridge was chosen which is the corresponding version of the current PowerMac's system controller. ATI will provide the graphics chipset for the new mainboard. It is currently not known which product name the mainboard will have. In addition, Mupper 1.0 has been released.

Into The Pegasos 1 & MorphOS

Expert Zone reports: "A lot of reviews of the Pegasos have been published since its release, more than two years ago. Unfortunately, most were written from a fan point of view and were not really objective so I decided to write my own review. The goal of this article is to present the Pegasos/MorphOS couple so I won't mention anything about other OSs running on the machine, such as Linux, or even MacOSX." This review, translated from French to English at Expert Zone's request, covers the hardware and software of the Pegasos I machine. Photos and screenshots included.

MorphOS 1.4.4 released

Celebrating the 6th anniversary of MorphOS, version 1.4.4 is now available. This is the last bugfix update before the next full release, and solves many bugs and problems with the previous releases. The update is currently only available to users who have registered themselves. Fixes in the 1.4.4 release include support for large harddrives, ability to read DVDs in their entirety, important bug fixes to SFS, audio, 68k emulation, network card drivers and many other things. See releasenotes for more information.