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Pegasos/Morphos Feature on

I was watching on TV here in Germany this evening and was surprised to see a feature on Pegasos and Morphos (probably to be repeated this weekend). A web article about the feature is available here. I would guess that Giga would be of interest (and probably already well-known) to OSNews readers in Germany. While many of its features are Win- or gaming-oriented, Giga is one of the few TV outlets for features on hardware, overclocking and benchmarking, Linux and, as with the Pegasos article, even more exotic matters.

Screenshots of MorphOS from CeBIT; High-Res Pegasos Picture reports that Martin Heine has published some screenshots of MorphOS from CeBIT. For the first time you can now also see screenshots of Win32 Apps running on MorphOS. Bochs on MorphOS/Pegasos (G3 600) needs around 80 seconds to load Windows and around 20 seconds to start Word. Here is also a high res picture of the Pegasos machine. also reports that it was also announced that the ProStationAudio Platinum will be included with MorphOS.