Morphos Archive

Screenshots of MorphOS from CeBIT; High-Res Pegasos Picture reports that Martin Heine has published some screenshots of MorphOS from CeBIT. For the first time you can now also see screenshots of Win32 Apps running on MorphOS. Bochs on MorphOS/Pegasos (G3 600) needs around 80 seconds to load Windows and around 20 seconds to start Word. Here is also a high res picture of the Pegasos machine. also reports that it was also announced that the ProStationAudio Platinum will be included with MorphOS.

Announcement Concerning the Genesi/Phoenix Collaboration

"We are very pleased how with how the Phoenix/Genesi relationship is developing. Genesi is in the process of formally organizing itself into two distinct activities: One to support the task oriented objectives focused on the delivery of the DTV STB by the end of 2003. The Future of the Pegasos and MorphOS, including the release of the Pegasos II using the Marvell northbridge." Read the announcement at

Pegasos Wins the Amiga Award 2002 by Popular Vote

Genesi just did the official launch of MorphOS & Pegasos at the Amiga and Retro show in Aachen, Germany at the weekend and won the Amiga Award 2002 by popular vote. The company got their first 50 production boards and these have been sent out already. This is the first new desktop system/platform launched since Be launched the BeBox 7 years ago (HW & Software - there are plenty of new OSs and hardware but entirely new platforms are pretty rare these days). The companies (Thendic-france and bplan) are merging into a new company called Genesi.

A Closer Look at MorphOS on the PEGASOS

Last Saturday I attended a MorphOS demonstration in Rotterdam. MorphOS is a PPC AmigaOS clone capable of executing many 68k and PPC classic AmigaOS software titles through seamlessly integrated emulation. This article takes a close look at MorphOS' current state of development and includes some recent screenshots of the PPC native Ambient GUI environment.

Eyetech AmigaOne Update &Thendic-France Ships first Pegasos PPC

Last week Eyetech began shipping the first finalized AmigaOneG3-SE boards to developers. Apart from the boot ROM, these boards are identical to consumer AmigaOneG3-SE boards. Eyetech also announced a more expensive version called AmigaOne-XE motherboard, which will come with socketed PPC CPU(s) and an AmigaOne trade-in option will be available through AmigaOne dealers. Soon more dealers like i.e. Forefront Technologies, a company which is also developing ATI Radeon drivers for AmigaOS4, are to be included on this list.