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MorphOS Developers Unpaid? MorphOS New Version Delayed

The Genesi-owned/sponsored website (Google cache) has been taken down and instead, a page, that reminds us a lot of the Amiga situation up to a few months ago, is described there. It claims that no new version of MorphOS will be released until payments are made to developers. The latest version of MorphOS is almost a year old already, while releases used to happen every few months in the past, usually.

Genesi Selects Motorola 7447A CPU for Upcoming Pegasos G4 line

Genesi announced today that the Pegasos II G4 using the recently announced 7447A will be shipping as soon as the CPU is commercially released by Motorola. Until then the 7447 will be shipped with the Pegasos II G4. Also, the Crux Linux PPC distro arrives on the PegasosII through the new 1.3.1 version. CRUX is a lightweight, optimized Linux distribution targeted at experienced Linux users.

Motorola, IBM Endorse Genesi’s Open Desktop Workstation

A new product arises from Genesi: The Open Desktop Workstation is based upon the Genesi Pegasos, a CHRP based motherboard. Integrating selected Open Firmware and running multiple (15+) operating systems, the Workstation is an extremely efficient, very expandable hardware solution for personal and business computer requirements. Both IBM and Motorola feature the new product in their pages.