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Qt 4.1 Released

Trolltech has just released Qt 4.1. Many new features were added since Qt 4.0, including integrated support for rendering SVG drawings and animations, a PDF backend to the Qt printing system and a lightweight unit testing framework. Qt Designer, OpenGL support and Visual Studio .NET integration were updated too.

A Look at Trolltech and Qt 4

Two recent articles cover the success of Trolltech and their product Qt 4, on which KDE 4 will be based. 'Trolltech: A case study in open source business' looks at the continued growth of the company based on dual licenced Free Software. The article describes what KDE and Trolltech gain from each other, including user feedback to Trolltech and sponsored developers for KDE. The Australian Computerworld declares that Qt 4 raises the bar for cross-platform app dev tools. They cover the separate modules of Qt 4 and the cross-platform quality, giving it a 9.2 out of 10 approval rating.

Interview: Fiorini of the Mockup Project

Pier Luigi Fiorini is the lead developer of Mockup. Mockup is an open source effort to create a modern desktop operating system. It is based on Linux 2.6 and supports native POSIX threading, hardware detection, automatic device creation and automatic network configuration. The user interface, written using Qt 4, runs on Xorg, but will also support the framebuffer in future versions. Read on for an interview. Note that Fiorini is not a native English speaker, so forgive any spelling/grammar errors.

Qt 3.3.5 Released

Trolltech has released version 3.3.5 of Qt, featuring new compatibility with OSX Tiger, Visual Studio 2005 and GCC4. It also features bug fixes to many of its tools and classes, and as is normal with minor-point Qt releases, features binary and source compatibility with earlier releases in the Qt 3.3 series.

New Blog on Qt Affairs

"Welcome to A Qt Blog. This is a blog I intend to feature announcements on developments in the Qt world: Qt itself, applications, publications, devices, as well as KDE, KDE-centred operating systems (particularly Linux distributions), and Trolltech affairs. I'd also like to have the occasional review and feature article on development and other topics."

Qt, the GPL, Business and Freedom

In a series of articles (part I, part II) during the month of July, OfB's Timothy R. Butler explained why he felt that KDE needed to move beyond the Qt toolkit it uses as a foundation. In that series, he asserted that the licensing of Qt is becoming a stumbling block to the desktop's adoption. Eric Laffoon, the project lead for KDE's Kdewebdev module, takes exception to Butler's arguments and makes the case for his view on the issue of Qt at OfB.biz.

Code Skipper Qt Community Resource Site Launches

"The Code Skipper, a new free Qt community resource site has been founded to provide our community of developers with a place to meet. This is a site where tutorials and articles that can be found on a range of Qt related subjects. Skipper also contains a lot of code that can be easily integrated into your applications. Learn Qt tricks from there and share your own ideas."

Trolltech Releases Qt4

Qt 4.0 release is on the wire. Among other things, that means the long awaited GPL-licensed Windows version is now available for download, and Qt4 is officially dual-licensed across the board. Also of note in Trolltech's announcement: integration with Visual Studio .NET; great strides in graphics, threading, footprint, and performance; and separation into Desktop, Desktop Light, and (non-GUI) Console versions.

Qt 4.0 Beta 2 Released

Trolltech has released the second and final beta version of Qt 4. You can download it from ftp.trolltech.com or from one of its mirrors. The online Qt Reference Documentation has been updated. Qt 4 is currently scheduled for final release in late Q2, 2005, with an intermediate Release Candidate planned for May.