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Trolltech Gets 2D Graphics Hardware Acceleration for QTopia

SciTech Software, Inc. today announced a collaboration with Trolltech AS to provide desktop quality 2D graphics acceleration and great chip level compatibility for embedded Linux developers. As part of the announcement, SciTech has released SNAP Graphics IES for Qt/Embedded, Trolltech's embedded Linux GUI toolkit. Additionally, Trolltech now provides built-in support for SciTech SNAP.

Report on the Future of Qt

The dot is running a piece on a recent presentation given by Matthias Ettrich, director of Qt development, author of LyX, and founder of KDE, in the annual KDE Developer's Conference in Nove Hardy, Czech Republic. He details what will be new in Qt 4.0, which will be used as a base for the next major version of KDE after 3.2. New features will include much faster startup speed and memory usage as well as a general cleanup of Qt's architecture, including the splitting of GUI and non-GUI related classes in Qt.

Trolltech Releases Qt 3.2

Trolltech today announced the release of Qt, version 3.2. Qt, Trolltech's C++ multiplatform application framework, is the industry-leading C++ tool used to create applications that run natively on Windows, Linux/Unix and Mac OS X, all from the same codebase. The release of Qt 3.2 includes hundreds of enhancements and features that enable developers to build high-performance, low-maintenance multiplatform applications.

Native Win32 Port of Qt3 GPL Started

From the DOT: The KDE on Cygwin project, which produces ports of Qt and KDE to Windows using Cygwin and Cygwin/XFree86, announced that the native Win32 port of the Qt3 GPL library has been started, mainly driven by Richard Lärkäng at the moment. The plan is to provide a base for a future native KDE port. Several screenshots of the ongoing port are available. Richard is seeking developers, who don't have access to the original Qt Windows sources, to help him.

Setting up Qt on the Mac

On the day of WWDC all people could think about was the new G5 PowerMacs, or Mac OS X 10.3 "Panther." While most news sites drowned in WWDC coverage, and then the whole debate over benchmarks, it was quite easy to miss this little gem. Trolltech released Qt 3.1.2 for OSX last Monday.

Trolltech to Release Qt/Mac Under the GPL

From the dot: "Trolltech announced today that they will release a GPL version of Qt/Mac on June 23rd at the Apple's World Wide Developer Conference in San Francisco taking their successful dual licensing strategy for Qt/X11 to the Mac. Also the upcoming Qt Script for Applications (QSA), Trolltech's scripting toolkit for Qt-based applications, will be available under a dual license on Mac OS X. Sam Magnuson from Trolltech already got much of KDE building on Qt/Mac a while ago (screenshots showing Konqueror, Kontact, Games and KOffice). The new license now offered allows to distribute binary builds of KDE for Qt/Mac soon." KDE aside, this will help many other developers to deliver multi-platform apps.

QT 3.1.2 and QT# 0.7 Released

Maintenance release of the multiplatform toolkit, QT, was released, version 3.1.2. Also, a maintenance release of QT# was released also, version 0.7, and it works with Mono, GNU's Portable.NET and Microsoft's .NET. The main improvements over 0.6 are an easier build system, improvements in the demo apps, unicode support, and support for slots that take a QString parameter.

Interview with Trolltech CEO Haavard Nord: QT Development

On Feb. 12, Norway's Trolltech formally announced its relationship with IBM, which is using Trolltech's ATopia office application suite as part of its 405LP design. LinuxPlanet caught up with the nine-year-old company's CEO Haavard Nord to ask him about the IBM deal, the latest on Trolltech's Qt libraries, the embedded device market, and about what Sun could learn from Trolltech's dual-licensing scheme.

SciTech SNAP Adds Support for QT/Embedded

SciTech Software, Inc. today announced that it has completed the initial release of SciTech SNAP Graphics for QT/Embedded. This release is based on SciTech latest System Neutral Access Protocol (SNAP) architecture and shows SciTech's resolve to further enable the emerging embedded market with a level of graphics performance usually reserved for mainstream desktop machines. Additionally, SciTech began alpha testing on a new Linux version of SciTech SNAP Graphics.