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Qt/Mac Development Needs You

The Dot reports that while Qt/Mac has been GPLed since Apple's World Wide Developer Conference 2003, which let everybody think that KOffice and the whole KDE stuff would quickly become native Aqua applications. However, the KDE on Darwin project is not really active and needs more developers.

Qt 3.3.0-b1 Info Released

TrollTech recently Qt 3.3 introduces many new features as well as many improvements over the 3.2.x series. The Qt version 3.3 series is binary compatible with the 3.2.x series. Qt 3.3 is .NET enabled, it supports IPv6 in addition to IPv4 and it now includes a new tool class called QLocale among other new goodies. Its Qt/Embedded version has added support for SNAP graphics drivers from SciTech Software. This gives access to accelerated drivers for more than 150 graphics chipsets (new SciTech DDK here).