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Trolltech to Extend Dual Licensing to Qt for Windows

The Dot reports: "Trolltech, maker of the Qt toolkit which forms the basis for KDE, announced today that the Qt version for Microsoft Windows will be available under the GPL in addition to its current commercial license offerings for that platform. This change will take place with the release of Qt 4. The Qt version for Linux has been available under a similar dual licensing scheme for several years already. The availability of a GPL'ed Qt for Microsoft Windows will make it much easier to distribute KDE applications that run on the Microsoft Windows platform."

Trolltech Releases Major Upgrade to Qtopia

Trolltech today announced that it has released Qtopia version 2.1, a major upgrade to its development platform and user interface for Linux-based mobile devices. New features in Qtopia 2.1 include touch-screen phone support, full-screen handwriting input and new phone themes to extend customers' flexibility and options for developing customized, full-featured Linux-based mobile devices.

Installing Qt Non-Commercial on Windows

The recent book C++ GUI Programming with Qt 3 contains complete distributions of a relatively-current (3.2.1) version of Qt for Linux, Mac and Windows. Installing Qt on Windows wasn't easy, though--certainly not as easy as one would expect. I ran into a number of little quirks that took a surprisingly long time to resolve. These issues aren't Trolltech's fault, just little gotchas to be aware of--but they are frustrating if you don't know how to deal with them.

Preview of QT 4

Trolltech made available online an article from their print publication "QT Quarterly" (usually only made available to Trolltech customers only) previewing the new features, optimizations, and improvments that QT 4 will have to offer.