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RISC OS 3D Graphics Driver Released

Simon Wilson has released the first public version of his 3D graphics driver for Iyonix users. The software library, ported from BeOS and compatible with the popular OpenGL interface, employs the Nvidia PCI graphics card used in the XScale powered Iyonix. OpenGL based applications built with Simon's port should enjoy hardware accelerated graphics, thanks to the modest GeForece 2 MX card which, until now, has been left unutilised under RISC OS.

New File Repository for RISC OS; Castle Introduces New Machines

Some interesting newsbits from the RISC OS world in the last few days. First of all, "Drobe webmaster Ian Hawkins has unveiled The RISC OS File Repository, an online software database for RISC OS software." Secondly, "Castle has updated their range of RISC OS 5, XScale powered Iyonix computers, with the addition of a Aria Cube and X300 series of cases." And lastly, the A9 takes priority.

RISC OS Memory Protection

Memory ProtectionOne common complaint or feature request for RISC OS improvement is to add "memory protection". This is largely a result of the relative ease of which single programs can take out the entire operating system, combined with a misunderstanding of what precisely memory protection is. In this article, Peter Naulls will try and cover some of the issues around memory protection, and why RISC OS is often so susceptible to breakage and some of the measures which can be taken to improve the situation.

Running RISC OS Programs on Linux; Mobile plans leaked

After the disbanding of Acorn, an idea aired many times was the dream of getting RISC OS apps to run natively under Linux or other Unix-based operating systems. Peter Naulls contemplates the possibilities. Also, a large software corporation is exploring the possibility of using RISC OS in mobile appliances, a source has revealed. Yesterday, Drobe received videos and photos of the OS in action on mobile phone hardware, showing RISC OS booting up and running applications.

Should the TCO of RISC OS be higher

On drobe.co.uk, Chris Williams again investigates the role of RISC OS and RISC OS machines in the real world. At stake is traditional claim of platform fans that running a RISC OS system is cheaper than other systems - something that may have been true during the 90s, but perhaps now has the platfom at a disadvantage. Decide for yourself in Chris' article.

RISC OS in schools today

drobe.co.uk editor Chris Williams has been out in the field to investigate the continuing role of RISC OS machines in education. Once upon a time, Acorn, with their BBCs and later RISC OS machines were very significant in British education. Today, that role is much reduced, but they hang on in certain niches. Read about Chris' findings in his article.