RISC OS Archive

RISC OS 4.02 Boot Patch Issued

RISCOS Ltd., the developers of RISC OS, have this week released a freely available patch for RISC OS 4 and users are recommended to install it. According to RISCOS Ltd., the patch corrects a "long standing" bug in the !Boot sequence that affects the recently released Toolbox upgrade. In addition to this, it also corrects a fault that prevents RISC OS 4.02 users from easily switching to a softloading Select version of RISC OS. More RISC OS news at Drobe and IconBar.

RISC OS Select 3i2 Update Available to Subscribers

Version 3i2 of RISC OS Select has been published online this evening by developers RISCOS Ltd., for Select subscribers. The install includes RISC OS 4.37 and this week's Toolbox release. Select 3i2 is described as the "final release version of Select 3" and is presumably the stabilised online release that will precede the eventual CD distribution in a few weeks. For more RISC OS news, make sure you visit the Drobe and IconBar sites daily.

Castle Technology Purchases RISC OS

Castle Technology, makers of an XScale based desktop machine, announced today they had purchased RISC OS from the previous owners, Pace. RISC OS was initially developed by Acorn, starting in 1988, and has appeared in a large number of Acorn machines, and later on machines by other manufacturers.

RISC OS Select Released

RISC OS Select is the latest version of the RISC OS operating system originally developed by Acorn Computers. Since Acorn's demise in 1998, RISCOS Ltd have taken over development of the desktop version of RISC OS. They released RISC OS 4.0 in August 1999. RISC OS Select has many features including: DHCP support, SVG graphic support, Improved printing, Multiuser logons, over 100 other improvements. RISC OS Select will run on Acorn A7000 and RISCPC computers, as well as machines from RISCStation and Microdigital.